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Soon, your phone will know more about your health history and fitness goals than your doctor does. And according RunKeeper founder Jason Jacobs, when this plays out at scale, it will change the dynamic between you, your doctor and the traditional healthcare system.

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Imagine a day when your phone has all of your health information. It knows your goals, your time horizons and what activities you need to focus on to achieve those goals. It knows your schedule, whether you like to do things alone or in groups and who you like to train with. It knows what you eat, how much you’ve slept and all of your vital signs in real-time.

Based on the information it collects, your phone will lay out a plan to help you live a healthier life. It will notify you when it’s time for an activity (i.e. taking a pill, going on a walk or taking your blood pressure), and adjust this plan as you go, based on what is and isn’t working. The more it learns about you and others like you, the more effective its guidance will become. There will be a day when the phone will be able to predict if a runner is on a path to overtraining, or tell someone who is trying to lose weight if he would get better results by adding another hour of sleep per night. And this day is coming sooner than you may think.

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    Believe it, I have 4 workout apps that keep track of my workout routine.
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    Pronto tu smartphone conocerá perfectamente tu historial clínico incluso mejor que tu médico de cabecera. Hacia eso...
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    Smartphone will be good for healthy
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    Muy pronto, nuestros teléfonos se convertirán en uno de los mayores aliados de la atención sanitaria. Los dispositivos...
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    Soon, your phone will know more about your health history and fitness goals than your doctor does. And according...
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